Gypsy inspired fashion. Boho, beach & festival.

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Find Gypsy-inspired fashion online.
Our Australian online store is a magical place for boho babes, beach bums and festival fairies alike. Your inner wild child will be happy that you have found us.


A little place that will take you to unknown destinations where the free spirits, the wanderers, and the lovers all carefully tiptoe barefoot between the fallen leaves and stones, lay on quiet beaches where the sun warms their shoulders, swim naked in the cool seas, spread kindness like confetti and daydream the days away.

Here you will discover your inner gypsy with bright and whimsical pieces that will charm you. Vintage inspired lace that will have you falling in love.
You will float upon summary, light and beachy styles.


Explore wild, edgy looks that you can’t wait to spend the next sleepless night dancing under the moonlight in. Little surprises hidden amongst the delicate and detailed accessories will all take you on an adventure that you may never come back from.


This is the place for your inner boho babe, beach bum, or festival fairy to find little treasures to take to the next unknown destination.


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Shop Women's clothing, statement pieces, mix and match wardrobe, accessories, mood boards, casual or dressy in the one place.
Because, no boho babe, beach bum or festival fairy can be stopped from going anywhere, and now you will have the outfit for any occasion.
at Three nines boutique.   

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Sending positive vibes your way, always.


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