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What is Afterpay, and how is it better than using my credit card?

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Afterpay lets you get what you need from your fave store right now, and pay for it later!

Isn't that what a credit card is for? Well yes, but now you can get all of the things that you want immediately, and make small affordable installments to pay it all off without any contracts or any interest, and without maxing out the credit card.
You may have heard the word "Afterpay" being thrown around at Friday night drinks, or while scrolling through your Instagram feed, and probably didn't bother to give it a second thought the first time that you heard the word, and now all of a sudden all of your girl friends are searching for online stores that accept Afterpay, and you are wondering if you should be jumping on-board the Afterpay train too... and let me tell you, YES!! You should.

This is why!

Unlike your credit card, When you buy something by choosing Afterpay as the payment method at the checkout you don't actually get all of the money deducted at once, meaning that you don't notice such a big amount being deducted in one hit, and leaving more money in your credit card for actual emergencies.
So if you have a special event coming up, or you find something that you have been searching for, for ages but you really shouldn't be spending your hard earned pennies on it, now you can get it, guilt free with an affordable, and sensible plan.

So how does Afterpay work?

Well, it's so super easy, especially when you shop with WWW.THREENINESBOUTIQUE.COM. (click to shop)
Simply click Afterpay as your payment method when you get to the check out.
If you have never used Afterpay before it will take you through the prompts to set up an account, This allows you to use Afterpay at any store that accepts it.
Then, the store sends you the items immediately, leaving you to make an installment every 2 weeks, over an 8 week period until it is payed off to Afterpay.
So that is 4 easy payments split up evenly.

What is really great, is that you are not expected to transfer the money yourself, so you won't forget to make a payment. Afterpay direct debit the amount from your credit card for you. You just need to make sure that there is enough to take out, and don't worry- They TEXT and email you to remind you, just in case you would have forgotten.

There is no interest either so you don't have anything to lose.

Afterpay is just a really affordable, sensible way to get guilt free retail therapy from your fave stores without paying for it all in one hit. It's the newer, better 2016 version of what a lay by used to be.

To find out more check out the afterpay website by clicking here.


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